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Visit our website: www.ramblers-carnival-club.co.uk

Lion King - 2001 Cart EntryRamblers Carnival Club was formed, so we are told, in a moment of madness by a band of 10 members in 1961. Those responsible were Mike Hancock, Terry Milton, Roy Turner, Dave Bennet, Dave Barker, Jessy Howes, Pete Edmonds, Plum Pardoe, Brian Sweeting and Dave Adamson.

The club was initially based at the Duke of Monmouth but has now settled at The Bunch of Grapes on St John Street, Bridgwater.

We have an active Vice Presidents Association who carry out their own fundraising initiatives in conjuction with the club. We raise money by providing security at the Glastonbury Festival at Pilton, Quiz nights, Cabarets, Race Nights and running outsides bars for various functions.

Ramblers Carnival Club are one the few remaining all male clubsCircus - 1988 Stage Entry in Bridgwater. Ramblers have developed a reputation for being somewhat eccentric if not a little mischievous. The club has had its own share of success on both stage and road and to date we are the last club to achieve the stage and road double win (1988 with Circus).

You can contact us either at the Bunch of Grapes or by email at stu@mappo.freeserve.co.uk




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