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The RetailWatch and PubWatch schemes link with the Police and other agency initiatives, CCTV, radio communication and information sharing against the most prolific thieves and troublemakers. Promote exclusion notices and civil recovery as ways of reducing crime. Key Performance Indicators will help measure the progress of the schemes against the BBSG Action Plan.

If you require further information about PubWatch and RetailWatch or are interested in becoming a financial sponsor of this initiative please contact:-

Carol Rose, Crime Co-ordinator
07743 101007 or 01278 446859

PC Jasmine Graham
01823 363330 (Voice Mail Box 71407)

“Quote ................”

“This scheme is playing a major part in achieving a safe and secure drinking environment in licensed premises and is helping to change behaviour around drink related crime. Most members are using the town radio link system. Since forming PubWatch, eleven individuals have been banned from all PubWatch member premises. Where applicable, exclusions will be applied for via the courts. We are united in our efforts and fully support the aims of the BBSG”.
Chairman of PubWatch Tony Jeff (Admirals Landing)

“RetailWatch is a very positive group of individuals that support each other towards the goals of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. Achieving the award is further evidence that Bridgwater is the best town in Somerset to live shop and run a business”.
Chairman of RetailWatch, Ralph Winsbrow (Hooks)

“As the group evolves I am convinced it will have a major impact on a whole range of community safety issues within the Town of Bridgwater”.
Inspector John Hart, Bridgwater Sector Inspector Avon & Somerset Constabulary“

Crime and fear of crime have a negative effect on the quality and use of a town. We are delighted to have passed the Safer Shopping Accreditation and look forward to developing the schemes with all the stakeholders concerned”.
Wendy White, Town Centre Manager

“Any scheme involving cross agency support to reduce crime in the town centre, making it a more pleasant and safe environment, is to be welcomed”.
M J Dodden, Chairman Sedgemoor Bench

“Winning the Safer Shopping Award is very prestigious for Bridgwater and gives the right message to shoppers and visitors alike”.
Councillor John Lang, Leader of Sedgemoor District Council

The key aims for the BBSG are to:-

  • Reduce the overall cost of crime in Bridgwater
  • Reduce the abuse of drugs and drug related crime
  • Create a clean, safe and secure Town Centre
  • Build a stronger community through an effective partnership
  • Reduce crime, criminal opportunity, anti-social
    behaviour and fear of crime
  • Use and co-ordinate resources more effectively
  • Promote a positive image of Bridgwater
  • Help secure future prosperity of Bridgwater
  • Link priorities to Sedgemoor Crime and Disorder Strategy

Membership benefits include:-

  • Group Business Plan and central communications links
    with other businesses and professional agencies eg Police, Magistrates, CCTV, Sedgemoor District Council etc.
  • Tracker Radio and training
  • Sharing of intelligence to approved Home Office and Avon
    & Somerset Police protocols
  • Group Data Protection Registration
  • Group Insurance
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Newsletter and Marketing of Schemes
  • Crime Co-ordinator support
  • Training opportunities with BBSG and partners

BBSG Mission Statement
“To create a clean, safe and secure environment for businesses, residents and visitors, thus encouraging regular and longer town centre visits. Enhancing the reputation of the town and making it a totally safe place to work rest and play 24/7”.



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